Technology and SAAS Companies

We all know that the industry is very competitive and requires leadership that can adapt and innovate. At AgileCPA, we have tailored our solutions to reflect this knowledge.   Whether your company is a start-up or an established business, our expert professional accountants will ensure that together, we establish the accounting back end to help you achieve your goals and thrive in this industry. 

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Let Us Work Together to Scale Your Business!

We help companies that have a focus in different types of technologies and services; Hardware as a Service (HaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Managed IT Providers, Video Game Developers, Digital Media Technology, Mobile Technology, Cloud Solutions Providers (CSPs) and much more. Whatever your focus is, we would be happy to help. 

Benefits of Partnering With Us

Reduce Headcount with Accounting Automation

As you already know, technology is an important component in business.  A small investment can improve productivity and efficiencies, which in turn will reduce the number of full time accountants required in your business.


With the help of cutting-edge accounting software, our team will deploy advanced accounting technologies to automate your accounting backend from bookkeeping, payroll to financial reporting duties.   That is why, if your revenue doubles, your accounting team doesn’t have to!

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Optimize SRED Tax Credits and Grants

In Canada, there are a lot of tax incentives for companies that innovative and advance existing technologies.  With over 15 years of experience, we can evaluate your projects and help you qualify for the different tax credits and grants (including Scientific Research and Experimental Development Grant or SRED, and Industrial Research Assistance Program or IRAP).


We will advise on best practices to support these claims and will even prepare the tax filings for you in a timely manner.  That way, you can obtain your refund quicker and reinvest into your business.


In Depth Industry Knowledge

With our in depth knowledge of the industry, we are able to reduce the onboarding time and add value to your business immediately.


Our team of experienced accountants have worked with a variety of SAAS companies, from analytics to financial reporting, and know the best practices to help you scale.  From setting up recurring transactions to tracking key performance indicators, our team will keep an eye out to ensure you achieve your financial and business targets.

You can rest assured that your accounting needs are well taken care of as you continue to improve your services and deliver innovative products to your customers. 


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Preparing Your Business for Growth and Exit

We understand what venture capital and private equity stakeholders are looking for and we are poised to meet their expectations.  


We will work with you to prepare an annual plan and set targets year over year. We will also build a budget and regularly track the progress to ensure we are moving in the right direction. 


When the time comes, we will also support you by evaluating the different exit options and support you with the due diligence process.  We will tailor our advice to the unique nature of your business and work along side you until you exit! 

Partner with Us Today!

Our expertise in the industry will aid you to adapt and innovate as the sector evolves in a way that allows for sustainable growth in revenue, reach and advancement. Together we will succeed. Reach out and partner with us today.