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Our Mission

In the ever-evolving digital world, we are at the forefront of implementing cloud-based technologies to fully automate our clients’ accounting. We are proud of our work, and we will ensure:

  • Your business is tax compliant
  • Your taxes are minimized
  • Your processes are streamlined and efficient
  • Your business applies accounting best-practices
  • Your business uses cutting edge  technologies
  • We establish lasting client relationships

"Think Big; think disruptive. Execute with Passion"
- Masayoshi Son

Our Vision

We seek to automate accounting processes, freeing our clients to focus on their business’ mission and strategy, and to assist them with high-value strategic decision-making.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Honest & Ethical – We are genuinely invested in our clients’ business success; this means telling hard truths and providing the best advice even when it is not in our unilateral interests  
  • Expertise – We do quality work; meaning we meet our commitments, delivering on-time with no mistakes
  • Innovation – We think outside the box and are industry disruptors
  • Continuous Learning – We invest in education and personal growth of our peers and clients
  • Fun! – For some people, the world of accounting and finance is their very definition of boredom. Well, that’s not us – we bring color, warmth, and exciting fresh perspectives to make the entire process truly exciting.
Wendy Ha AgileCPA

Wendy Ha, CPA, CMA

Founder, Principal Consultant & Advisor

Driving business performance in small and medium-sized companies for more than a decade, Wendy Ha helps organizations and their leaders to adapt and remain agile in evolving markets while promoting profitability, growth, and business transformation.  A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) with well-rounded expertise, Wendy leverages her strong financial acumen to meet the full spectrum of a business’s needs; from capital financing at inception to strategic exits to ensuring compliance by filing tax returns.


Since 2015, Wendy has empowered executives in Ontario-based businesses as Principle Partner & CEO at AgileCPA. Her contributions include leading financial activities that helped a start-up software company close $1M USD in seed financing and directing scalable finance and accounting solutions that helped a manufacturing client to grow a $150K business to $1M in sales in two years.