International Tax Services

Looking to File International Taxes?

Regarding if you are an individual immigrating to or emigrating from Canada, or a business expanding onto Canadian soil or extending internationally, you can expect possible tax complications to arise, particularly double taxation. Our expert team of Chartered Professional Accountants can ensure that regardless of your location, we will keep your tax returns compliant and optimized with the relevant jurisdictions in Canada. Here are some of the services we offer for individuals and businesses for international tax services. 

Immigration and Emigration for Individuals

If you are new to Canada or planning to leave, your situation needs to be properly assessed in order to determine what needs to be file in Canada and how to minimize double taxation.  There are a variety of residency scenarios, and some individuals end up filing no tax returns once they leave whereas other have to continue to file.  On the other hand, for new immigrants, some might require additional tax filing if they continue to own assets back home.  Our experienced team will conduct a discovery call with you to further understand your situation and provide a recommended solution.   

Corporation Structure and Tax Filing Services

Arguably the most complex tax situations arise from international corporations that are looking to operate in Canada or Canadian corporation looking to expand internationally.  There are many structures that can be set up with different advantages/disadvantages as well as tax implications.  For example, a foreign company can set up a branch or subsidiary in Canada.  Another example is a Canadian setting up a business in the US by registering through a local state agency.    


In order to determine the best structure for your business in Canada, our experienced team will conduct a discovery call with you to further understand your situation.  We will also outline the tax implications so you are aware before setting anything up.  We will also ensure the proper filings and schedules are completed in a timely manner, in addition to avoiding possible pitfalls such as double taxation. 


International Self-Employed Tax Planning and Filing Services

While a more complex matter, our expert team also handles self-employed individuals that have–or are planning to–expand into foreign jurisdictions. AgileCPA will provide expert advice on your future Canadian tax returns as well as file your returns in a timely and professional manner. There could also be withholding tax implications, which we will work with the international counterpart to ensure we eliminate any double taxation.

Have Some More Questions?

Currently, we offer advisory and tax filing services from a Canadian tax perspectives to individuals and businesses.  We will work with the international tax firm to ensure the individuals and businesses are compliant in both countries and taxes are minimized. 

As a general rule, Canadians are only required to pay taxes on income that was earned in the country they are regularly living in. If you reside in the U.S. and earned income there, you might not need to file a Canadian tax return. If you lived and worked in both countries within the past year, then you might need to file tax returns for each country respectively.  International taxes is fairly complex, and can vary depending on the scenario.  Please book a 15-minute complimentary call to learn more. 

As a US citizen, you will be required to file an annual US return showing your current worldwide income, regardless of where you are living.  Since you are living in Canada, a Canadian tax return will also have to be filed, but any tax paid can be taken as a tax credit on the US tax return to avoid double taxation. 

Ready to Find International Peace of Mind?

If you have other questions or concerns about your international tax situation or are ready to have our expert team help you/your business realize the tax benefits