Payroll Management

Let Us Take Care of Your Employees.

Are you paying your employees in time and making the correct CRA deductions? Running manual payroll is stressful and also prone to costly errors. Count on us to process the payroll, manage cash flow, and issue payments and remittances correctly and promptly.
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Managed Payroll Service in Toronto

We take pride in being technological innovators and experts in our field. Using a blend of payroll software, business know-how, and financial expertise, we will come up with a plan that can finally take that payroll stress off of your shoulders.

Real-Time Access When You Need it

With quick, real-time access to their pay stubs, financial information, T4s, and more, never again do you have to listen to the dreaded, “Where’s my stub?” Leaving your employees in our hands ensures that there is standard compliance across the board. Using a reliable system with us at the controls will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. 

New Hire? No Problem

Onboarding new employees is exciting but also a ton of work. With our guidance, your new hire will be using our software like a pro in no time. We’ll collect all of their personal information, set up their T4s, and show them how to retrieve their payroll info. This frees you up to do what you do best: running a great business.  

Year End Looming? Bring it on

Our hands-free system makes handing your T4s a breeze. Using electronic forms and the latest and greatest applications, we will ensure all your tax needs are met. With an all-digital cloud platform, employees can easily access their information at the click of a button, and we can send your forms off to the CRA in no time at all. That means more time for you. 

Record of Employment (ROE)

When expected (or unexpected) staff changes occur, we will make sure all the government forms are sent out promptly, and Records of Employment (ROE) are generated as quickly as possible. Hint: that’s pretty easy to do when you’re fully digital. Leave us to tie the loose ends so you can work at generating more income.  


Ontario Employment Health Tax (EHT) & Worker’s Compensation (WSIB) Compliance

In addition to Records of Employment, we also  ensure that your business is compliant with both Employment Health Tax and Worker’s Compensation regulations.  Our team will  assess your business to determine if it is liable for EHT, and if so, calculate and make the proper remittances. Similarly, we will determine if WSIB is mandatory for your business and take any cost-saving measures  to reduce the premiums you pay on a monthly basisWhen it comes to paying the appropriate taxes and premiums, we’re on your team.  

Ready to Enter Stress-Free Mode?

We’re ready when you are. If you need more information, book a complimentary 15-minute call with us here. We’d love to get to know you and your business.