Outsourced CFO Services

Determining What Advice is Needed

Having served the Toronto area for almost a decade, our expert team of Chartered Professional Accountants and staff has acted as fractional CFO or Head of Finance for number of clients.  We work closely with the management team to build strategy and achieve the set out goals.  By combining financial knowledge with a forward thinking mindset, we help clients make crucial decision to automate, grow, and exit their businesses. .

Building Business Plans and Budget/Forecasts

If you are seeking to finally take the plunge into starting your own business or want to expand your initiatives, having a well-crafted business plan and budget + forecast is the best way to ensure maximum success for your venture. Our Chartered Professional Accountants will determine the revenue and cost drivers for your business, as well as the various opportunities and risks.  We will outline the assumptions and then build an annual budget/forecast.  With these tools, you will have set financial targets to achieve in the next year and can compare your actual results to see how you are tracking.  Setting goals and outlining a plan to get there is a crucial part of running your business.

Advice on Raising Capital

AgileCPA can also support you with raising capital, from loans, private equity to venture capital.  A major part of helping your business procure funding is making sure you have clean books and a solid plan and forecast of where you want your business to be in the coming years. We’ll work with you throughout the entire process, from sourcing the investors to overseeing the due diligence stage to closing the deal with legal counsel.    

Pricing Strategies

Looking to boost your bottom line by increasing prices/fees?  Our CFO Outsourcing Services will greatly improve your chances of success by understanding your business and finding a pricing model that works.  We will propose a few strategies like value pricing, breakeven pricing, cost-plus pricing, or a combination of any other above, and test out the market.  Our staff can give you the best odds of ensuring your business balances profit margin growth with customer satisfaction. Remember, we’re on your side.

Compensation Plan Design

Deciding how to properly compensate valued staff, and even yourself can be a challenge at the best of times. Leave it to our professional team to create a compensation plan that best suits your business structure. From stock options, phantom stock, stock unit programs, and other packages, our team can custom tailor a compensation package that incentivizes employees without causing undue risk or issues for your corporation.


Financial Processes and Controls

Putting the proper procedures, policies, and monitoring systems in place to properly track and manage the use of your business’s financial resources is one of the most vital aspects of our CFO services.   This will ensure the finance division runs smoothly as you scale and prevent fraud and minimize risk.  That’s a value you can’t put a price tag on.


Mergers & Acquisiton Planning

While some practices merely advise on the tax implications of acquisitions and exits , our team will look to additionally provide support throughout the entire process.  No matter if you are looking to sell or purchase business, we will be there to guide you.  Before acquiring a business, we will examine your financial position and recommend a few strategies and end goal with the acquisition, including ROI analysis.  We will also help you structure the purchase (ie share purchase vs asset purchase). 


If you are looking to exit, we will ensure the financial back end is clean and ready for due diligence before meeting with potential buyers.  We also support you with valuation analysis so you know the ideal price you can sell the business for.   Whatever your acquisition and exit goals are, we are here to make them a reality.

Corporate Restructuring

Your ideas are constantly growing, along with your clients. Whenever there is a transaction within your business that results in the changing of shareholders, such as a sale, redemptions, purchase back of shares, or other kinds of transfers, these sorts of transactions can have negative tax consequences if not handled properly. We at AgileCPA can help determine what kind of structure can meet your business needs, as well as optimizing it for tax purposes.


Whether you are expecting multiple incoming mergers, adding new shareholders/partners or simply looking to maximize your Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE), we can help you make the best decision possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! Regardless of the stage of your business, there is almost always an aspect our team can improve. The best thing to do in this scenario is to book a quick complimentary call with us, so we can learn more about your unique situation.

Yes! Coming up with a business plan, financial forecast, or another strategic initiative will almost always help your business to grow. These are great ways to help you as a business owner determine what you want your business to look like in the coming years, and how your goods and services offered will change with it.

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