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We provide expert guidance for media, film & television companies, from inception to building financing plans to applying for and filing the necessary returns for tax credits to managing all aspects of accounting from beginning to end.  Our experienced professional accountants and staff are well-versed and will ensure that together, we establish a plan that helps you achieve your project goals.

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Let us work together to bring your vision to life!

We have been evolving with the industry over the years and have acquired the knowledge and expertise needed to address its challenges. We will go above and beyond in supporting your needs for production financing, government incentive programs and  certifications, CRA audits and much more.  As a trusted financial partner, we will always be here for you and ensure that we support you and take advantage of the emergent opportunities in the Canadian film & media industry.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

Tailored Financing Solutions

As part of our services, we will assist you with your financing plan, budget as well as any other certification requirements in the industry.  We have a large network and can provide guidance on other grants available in Canada as well as connect you with financing and presales/distribution companies.


There are no projects that are too small for us as we have worked in a variety of projects, from TV animated series to larger live action films.  We will support you along the way and help you achieve your production goal.   

Production Accounting Support

We will work with you pre, post and during production of your non-unionized project to provide optimized services and support including bookkeeping services that are in line with the tax incentive programs, cost and budget variance reports, payroll processing and working capital analysis.  



With the help of cutting-edge accounting software, our team will employ advanced accounting practices to cater to all your needs from system setup, integration and configuration to complete all the production accounting work in a timely manner.  Our team will ensure that your project remains compliant, every step of the way.

Reliable Tax Expert Advice

As part of our services, we provide expert advice on a wide range of tax incentive programs related to the industry.  Our team of experts will guide you to ensure your project qualifies and provide you with an estimate of the tax credits.  We will also be able to file the tax returns in a timely manner to ensure you get your tax refund quickly.  And if CRA comes knocking at your door to audit the project, rest assured that we will be there to help you.


By partnering with us, you will be able to focus primarily on completing your production instead of overseeing the day to day accounting work.  You will be in good hands.



Preparing Your Business for Success

After completing one or two film projects, it is important to take a step back and structure the overall business correctly.   You need to take legal and tax regulations into consideration when determining your optimal structure.

With years of experience, we will set up the overall organizational structure based on industry best practices.  We will provide personalized services and advice to ensure your long term business goals are  successful.    As a trusted financial partner, we are in it for the long haul – your success is our success.

Partner with Us Today!


Our expertise in the industry will aid you to adapt and innovate as the sector evolves in a way that allows for sustainable growth in revenue, reach and advancement. Together we will succeed.