A Word from the Founder – Why I Decided to Start My Own Accounting Firm

I think entrepreneurship has always been in my genes.  My grandparents started businesses back home and I’m always inspired by their passion to delivery quality service and help others.  I obtained my CPA designation in 2012 and started my career working as an in house controller and head of finance for technology companies.  After successfully growing and selling Angoss Software Corporation in 2018, I reflected on my own values, skill set and the impact I want make.  In the end, these are the 3 main reasons why I decided to start AgileCPA.

Gap in the Marketplace

I realized that there was a gap in the marketplace for accounting firms. Many accounting firms provide services that are “backward looking” such as bookkeeping, financial reporting and tax preparation. However, the market shows there is an increasing need for “forward looking” initiatives like strategic planning and budgeting.  My goal with AgileCPA is to help bridge this gap.

AgileCPA CEO - Wendy Ha

Passion for Taxes

As Head of Finance, I found that the tax situation was constantly changing and evolving. I enjoy keeping current with tax laws not only to ensure compliance, but also to obtain the information and knowledge to optimize taxes.   As you already know, taxes are one of the largest expenses incurred by any company or individual and I’ve seen a lot of missed opportunities due to the lack of tax planning.  My goal when I work with clients is to ensure we are proactive with taxes.

Disrupt the Industry

Accountants are generally stereotyped as “bean counters” and perceived to be boring.   I want to shake up this image as I truly believe accountants can add a lot of value and become strategic partners to any businesses.  I’m passionate to present a new image of accountants that are modern, innovative and adept with leading cloud-based technologies in order to increase efficiencies and improve client collaboration.  


Fast forward 4 years, we are now a team of 5 and supporting a variety of businesses with their compliance and planning work.   Looking back on my journey. I am happy to have followed my grandparents footsteps – I would not change anything.   


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